Shifting Your Homeschooling Perspective for Positivity


Our minds can often become filled with doubts that threaten to hinder our progress and potential. Whether these doubts stem from past failures or external opinions, they wield a formidable influence. Reflecting on my journey as a homeschooling parent spanning over 25 years, I encountered skepticism when homeschooling was less commonplace. Negative opinions, though unfounded, planted seeds of doubt in our minds. This phenomenon isn’t unique to homeschooling; it’s about dealing with doubts constructively. Let’s explore how altering our mindset can transform doubts into powerful tools for positive change.

Acknowledging Doubts and Their Origin:

Doubts often arise from external sources, like societal opinions or baseless judgments. In the early days of homeschooling, negative narratives prevailed, insinuating that we were conducting experiments on our children, destined to ruin their lives. Recognizing the source of doubts is crucial for reclaiming control over our mindset.

Utilizing Doubts as Catalysts for Improvement:

Instead of succumbing to doubts, use them as instruments for positive change. Step back, objectively assess the situation, and identify areas that may require improvement or action. Doubts, when approached constructively, can be potent tools for refining your homeschooling approach.

Transforming Inner Dialogue:

Change the narrative within your mind. When doubts surface, reframe your inner dialogue into positive affirmations. For instance, if you doubt your effectiveness, objectively assess the situation and replace negative thoughts with affirmations like, ‘I am doing what is best for my child.’ Shifting your inner dialogue transforms doubts into sources of positive reinforcement.

Objectively Observing Situations:

Train yourself to objectively observe situations. Ask: What am I noticing about my child’s learning, growth, and well-being? Recognize the nuances of your child’s educational journey. If doubts emerge, use them to pinpoint areas for improvement or celebrate your child’s accomplishments.

Navigating Positive Impact:

Every homeschooling journey has its share of good and challenging days. Embrace the broader picture of your child’s well-being. Leverage doubts to identify areas of struggle, addressing them with positive action. Likewise, celebrate your child’s successes by reframing doubts and fostering a positive outlook.


As a homeschooling parent, I’ve weathered skepticism and doubts. However, staying committed to my children’s education has yielded success. Reflecting on my daughters’ achievements, from majors in biology and chemistry to pursuing ASL interpretation, I recognize the positive impact of homeschooling. Whether people stopped offering advice, saw my children’s success, or I tuned out negativity, I remained committed. Today, I see that homeschooling, rather than in spite of it, contributed to my children’s success. Shifting your mindset to embrace doubts as catalysts for positive change can redefine your homeschooling experience and lead to holistic growth for your child.


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